A synopsis is a tool that facilitates comparative study by aligning parallel texts in adjacent columns. In this way, both similarities and differences are revealed at a glance.

The Qur’an is the holy scripture of Muslims, believed to be the words of God revealed through the prophet Muhammad in the 7th century C.E. It was written down originally in Arabic.


The Bible is the holy scripture of Christians, a collection of writings believed to have been inspired by God and written and collected over several centuries. It was written down originally in Hebrew and Aramaic (the Old Testament) and Greek (the New Testament).


The Hebrew Bible or Tanakh is the holy scripture of Jews; believed to have been revealed by God, it contains the same writings as in the Old Testament of the (Protestant) Christian Bible, but in a somewhat different order.

 Jews, Christians and Muslims share many similar beliefs and especially many similar stories. For instance, Jews, Christians and Muslims all look to Abraham as an important figure. The Tanakh, Bible and Qur’an thus often overlap even while they also preserve their own unique perspectives.


This Bible Qur’an Synopsis aspires to arrange in adjacent columns all parallel material in the Bible and Qur’an. The task is complicated because the parallels are not exact; rather, parallels are often intuited by virtue of similar themes or characters. The amount of material is also vast, and therefore this synopsis is an ongoing project.

How to use this synopsis:

At this point, the synopsis only contains a limited number of tables of parallel passages. The synopsis page contains a list; clicking on any item in the list will bring up the corresponding table. The synopsis remains experimental and thus various formats for comparative tables are being tested.

Translations: At this point, the synopsis presents the textual material mainly in English translation. A variety of translations of the Qur’an and Bible are utilized, although at some point it may be desirable to choose a standard translation. In the future, tables in the original languages and/or in transliteration will hopefully be made available.

                                                             (This page last updated on February 8, 2008)

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